Thursday, February 20, 2014

The best for last

Well , where have I been?
I did a bunch of work for Strangeloop games, which I can't post.
Mainly animation.
I've had a bunch of ideas for some games too.
And some drawing in sketchbooks.
+I also actually had a break over christmas new year!
A break!

Trying to get into unity a bit and only just began to look at zbrush again. So much to learn.
At least this time on my new computer with rented copy of 3dsmax Go-z works and so does Z-applink.

I'm working on a last wombat book- Wombat goes surfing.
It will be the best, and in my opinion a much needed australian kids book that involves the beach and surfing.
here are some unused cover roughs and odd internal pages. The characters won't be white of course.

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