Thursday, February 20, 2014

Also on the list of things to get back to.

I am starting back into life drawing...much needed, very very rusty.
There are a lot of life drawing classes in Brisbane but sod all where I live.
Just a bit hard getting to and from brisbane at the moment
I'd also like to find some studio space somewhere around here.
Anyway here are the first rusty scribbles form Wed night at Tugun .
Well its the first night back in well over a year, sitting on a couch with book on my knee and ballpoint pen..can't expect miracles first up- get points for turning up at this stage.
Model was very good and quite Norman Lindsayish (which is good), (especially considering it was the hosts wife and therefore not her day job).

I decided to join James Guppy's life drawing class in Byron.
Hopefully I will be left alone to draw in that, but James appears to be a skilled artist so I'm looking forward to it.
But I'd like to squeeze more drawing in- any nude models in the tweed /northern rivers area need odd bit of work?

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