Sunday, November 3, 2013

What I did on my holidays

A few sketchbook drawings done for kids at the UNIS school Hanoi.
Actually did a bunch more drawings but gave them away before I could subject them to my photographic skills. And a large-ish one at Bookworm bookshop which I don't have a photo of.
Yes- I went to  Vietnam with my family to visit family- (Pip, Ian, - Jackson William Charlie and Mathew- who all went beyond the call of duty to help us/accomodate us/ feed us- you name it.).

 The single images are giveaway drawings- the mishmash pages are on-plane drawings.
I didn't end up finishing the educational book off before I left though- which was bad.
I had a great time and forgot my troubles mostly for nearly three weeks- which was good-
especially for me.
Saw the fantastic UNIS school and met some of the kids. They don't muck about at that school- the kids seemed quite advanced. Also met the nice people at Bookworm bookshop (Hanoi) and some more great kids.
 I was told I say UM a lot.
 Better than some alternatives I guess.
Again though it was clear I'm far better off drawing rather than talking at these things- lots of people can talk- not as many can draw I guess.

Troubles returned of course when I got back-
I needed to get onto Wombat once I got back but was stymied by finishing the educational book.
Moral of the story- do one thing/one deadline at a time and don't do educational books.
Also the fabled computer arrived and it took days to try and get things working.
I'd forgottten about the whole "takes a week to get things sorted" with new computers.
 I still don't have the Cintiq 24hd working as its supposed to- or should I say-it doesn't work and its not really anything to do with me- so not happy with that.

So whats the plan? I guess somehow get the Wombat book done. After that try to start again and begin to get onto the things I'd meant to get onto starting July.
I tried to write down things I needed to get onto(the last few months) - and the ideas I had in sketchbooks- and thanks be for that -so at least I can look at them now and try to figure out what I need to be doing.
I guess things happen for a reason (or don't happen as the case may be.)

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