Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Overnight fimo troll

Actual troll,- not just me disrespecting fimo by night,
Its a bit bent after spending the day at my sons school for his show and tell.
About 27 cm tall.
One again slave master Oscar ( my son) demands of me a sculpey/fimo spiderwick type creature.
Its a bit rough because it was
a) 12.30 at night, 2 and half hours in  and I thought- its just gotta be finished- just do enough and bake the damn thing.
Ideas of finishing face/hands feet/wrinkles  properly  ditched. -Legs a bit rubber hosey- no time. no patience, too much alfoil on armature.
b) I was running out of sculpey- hence executive decision to mix all
I had left together- some brown and some black- a little white.
c) Right hand doesn't know/can't emulate what left is doing.
d) Couldn't find Oscars spiderwick field guide book for reference.- Made webbed feet because if i did long toes they'be snapped off when kids play with it.

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