Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Fantastic Father

The advance sample arrived.
It looks pretty good-the cover looks nice.
Its nice to have something a bit 'manly' like crocodiles in a fathers day book.
A bit late to look for mistakes but there's  just a page where a tomato sauce bottle ended up falling in the gutter (the fold) as it were.
Ah well . Not too bad
My boys laughed and pointed in the right spots when they were read it.
Wish it had more of a story- but then someone was telling me how much greeting cards cost-
and each of these books doesn't cost much more but is a whole lot more.
But also with so few words and not much page acreage in the small version of the book its a bit difficult I suppose.

I am now working on the 20th book.
30 is the goal.
Actually I've been thinking about my audience. Reluctant readers is a term used a lot in these kids book circles as an admirable cause. Well the reluctant readers I'm aiming for are the dads- so I've tried to make it funny where I could and sort of blokey in a good way.

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