Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last night

Late as usual.
Drawing felt better/easier- didn't look it though.
Face is actually close I think.
A few big heads and big arms- misproportions
All 15 mins-ish.
Its funny- I go hoping I can forget about all my troubles for 2 hrs but find I'm drawing badly because I'm thinking about how behind I am in my work and how despite being overwhelmed by work I'm not making any money.....instead of thinking about the drawing in front of me .
Drawing with the book on your knee you have to be paying attention to holding the book steady, holding/drawing the pencil steady, looking at what you're drawing - remembering that bit, thinking about the humanity of the person you are drawing- trying to put that bit in a controlled fashion/hand eye coordinatedly on the page-

-not thinking about other things. (Although at least I kept my mind off the biscuits this week)
anything else and this is the result:-

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