Friday, March 16, 2012

Dinosaur in progress.

As I said before- it seems my ability has left me in the last month or two .
Hence lack of posting.
Fairly cruel when the one thing you always wanted to do you now are marginal this case  drawing dinosaurs.
 Initially I had really nice roughs- some of which I posted. I actually liked them as they were. Then in the process of doing more detailed drawings- they were still rough- I imagined I'd be able to do rough colour and then fix the drawing up finely. Bad idea. The bad drawing just got coloured lipstick upon pig style. Then I thought maybe it mightn't look so bad with a loose look. Then later I'd look at them and see the mistakes and realise they were loose and wrong as opposed to loose and good.
But then it is a kids book and the publisher didn't actually want the sort of full on rendered dinosaurs anyway.
The last 2 weeks my dads been in hospital and I've been looking after my mum- which put an extra spanner in the getting things done works.
so hopefully in the coming week my ability will come back and I can fix the pages into semi respectability.
But my years of avoiding doing environment art has come to haunt me - if it were just drawing and colouring dinosaurs everything would be sweet. But the backgrounds could or in fact  have been a descent into madness. But then they actually need to be simple- so's not to distract from the characters and the dinosaurs.
Wish me luck.

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