Friday, March 16, 2012

Another snippett

WIP snippett.- These are supposed to be "Elliot" type sauropods...with allosaur type therapods attacking.
Actually I should warn dinosaur tragics out there that the number of toe claws on the various titanosaur type dinosaurs probably wont be correct- although I could possibly fix this in the week ahead.
 (Actually who am I kidding? I have 28 followers who might visit and read this... and maybe some people who did a search for "Yuki Onna" or "Ammut "  or "Minge")
Likewise they are a bit dumpy- sort of shorter necked than they probably would be. This was done in the interest of fitting them onto the pages and having heads big enough to see them
- but also Rhoetosaurus and Saltasaurus and Jobaria seem a bit dumpy this way too- so I think they're still in the realm of plausibility.
So in a way I'm lucky they haven't found complete skeletons yet.
All of the dinosaurs are supposed to be from australias distant past- but then if you pick a particular moment in time there will be some stragglers from previous times- transitional forms....and precursors to future animals.
 Actually Australia seems to be an historical last refuge for many stragglers in time. I think they found evidence of some dicynodont in Tasmania recently - much later than they expected them to still exist.
Actually even platypuses and cassowary to me seem very ancient and primitive  survivors from ancient times.
and not forgetting  lungfish.
 So thats my excuse for variation between my renderings and any particular skeletons- although I've tried to keep things in the ballpark of what I can find that they looked like.

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