Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Galactic Allies

A while back I did some work for 3blokes studio on their Galactic Allies game- so now that its out I might post a bit of work. A bit of it anyway- there's some stuff that's still not in the game so I couldn't show that , and a bunch of preliminary and rough stuff that I could show another time.
But the best place to see any of this is to go play Galactic Allies- because Chi-han at 3 Blokes added lots of loveliness to the base images and made them look much much nicer and more expensive.
So tell your friends -tell your enemies even and play it till you are blue in the facebook.

I seriously need to practice painting  more- pull my finger out as it were.The  roughs and line drawings seem so much nicer- so I need to turn that around.

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Pete Mullins said...

Wow! I've not been hangin' around the blogisphere lately...so I totally missed these gorgeous illos!!

Reminds me of Don Lawrence's work in magazines like Look and Learn.
(and I regarded Lawrence as a genius)...

Great Stuff Mr. Lach