Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Goldie Dinosaur book roughs (some...not all)

Well the book of Goldie the dinosaur has been transformed over the last month to be about a boy finding a dinosaur and travelling back via a mysterious time tunnel into the early cretaceous Australia. The idea is this weird time wormhole has existed for a long time in this rocky island of a hill- like the ones we have in the cane fields of Murwillumbah.
I had thought originally there should be carvings or paintings on the rocks(I was going to use my kids dinosaur drawings as a basis)- but then I switched it to fossils in the rocks-
which is better and saves hassles from indigenous Australians being insulted or trying to find some similarity.
It is about the dinosaurs after all- (and the nature in Australia)

Part of the idea is that the weird magnetic/radiation field the mysterious tunnel  produces  when it's 'operational" plays havoc with electrical equipment etc(it comes and goes)- so when the boy first arrives on his grandparents  property he can't just sit and play his gadgets/phone/camera etc - he has to explore for something to do(and his grandfathers insistence)... and there's that mysterious hill just waiting there.......
Part of the idea is the Dinosaur he initially finds has used the tunnel as a safe haven to create  safe nesting site in this time,
also part of the idea is that his grandfather is aware of its existence(the tunnel and the dinosaur) and has  been secretly interacting with dinosaur (taming it/its sort of used to humans).

anyhow so here are some roughs- not all.....
I've tried to put some Australian dinosaurs roughly in place- I'd settled on the early cretaceous - theres a bunch of large dinosaurs discovered in queensland to live around then, - but imagining there might be stragglers from the late Jurassic and maybe precursors to later Cretaceous forms too in the mix...but also theres suggestions of dinosaur types in trackways in WA that I could sneak in (titanosaurs)stegosaurs,ankylosaurs?)...so I'm using my imagination a bit but trying to keep things correct ish. So theres some muttaburrasaurus, minmi, diamantinasaurus("matilda"). some allosaur looking ones, some "mick" sauropods and "elliot" style ones etc.
I haven't gone through and corrected numbers of toes etc...they're roughs
But a few I'll invent in a guesstimation.

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