Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A life of near misses.

And far.

You know I must be the only person left in Australia who hasn't worked for Animal Logic or Dr D or Weta.
I suspect even the chickens in my back yard have worked for them.
Not sure if its good or bad-   I'm kind of exclusive then eh? Drawing away in my burrow.
Ah well ....
also I learn today further developments on Alex Proyas Paradise Lost --they will set up a satellite Digital Domain in Australia  to service the film or some such.
.......another something I missed out working on it seems.
Ah well I can draw devils or angels when I want anyways there's no need for a special occasion.

On a completely trivial note I've bought an iphone so that, in theory, emails can pursue me wherever.
I am completely unused to something small or thin in the phone dept so I keep thinking I'd lost it when its just in my pocket.
Geez Getting old sucks.

Here are some very brief sketchbook scribbles that I elaborated on briefly in photoshop.(a pair of briefs! hohoho)
More art soon.

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