Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great expectations

Today I went to the SCWBI queensland meeting. It was held at the City square library which is a triumph of bad design. I got to the meeting a bit late because although I arrived in time - I thought I'd go to the loo, and had to wait around 20 minutes for the privilege of entering an olfactory toture chamber(one of only 2 in a multi-storey building). Honestly a bucket in the street would have more appeal. So then I appear to the meeting late- and sit on a singularly large office chair away from the table- that's all thats left. A security guy appears and offers to get more chairs- I resist the urge to say "No, get more fucking toilets, (or buckets at least.)" because he didn't design the building, but more than likely he has a bucket of his own and could care less about those entering rooms that smell like week old roadkill . At least I got to walk around and look at the illustration displays while I waited.....and waited....and.....waited.
The meeting itself.
Lucia showed some stunningly beautiful books she'd worked on, and Peter Taylor's calligraphy book looks awesome and screams quality to me(a massive undertaking). However the whole time I felt apart from it all- like I don't belong, and seeing the books Lucia works on kind of makes me wonder what I've done wrong all this time. I did get some drawings done in my sketchbook while I  listened to the meeting- here they are cobbled together. I quite like goat man with the pipe- I'm really liking the fine quality to any designs I get with a ballpoint pen.
After the meeting I didn't hang around- I'd already seen the display of illustration- plus I had to get over to Milenko's place pronto for a catch up (waaaay way overdue).
At Milenko's.
I got peek at where Vessel was at and its beautifully different - looks sort of Czech inspired or Alphonse Mucha steampunky- but a massive amount of work for 4 guys. Milenko works so fast that you know if there's not much going up on his blog there must be a ton of work elsewhere you didn't see. Going over to Milenko's reinforced my growing opinion that e books or apps is the way to go- self published or teamed with one of the programmers we know etc. Milenko also has many people throwing projects and money at him it seems, but I think Vessel is definitely his ticket to the fur coat he always wanted.

So on the topic of great expectations here's two very quick  ones-geez  magazines these days- I dunno...

Just a test to see if anyone's reading

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