Thursday, February 24, 2011

SupaNova and more news

Well I've sent off the forms and broken the piggy bank, so SupaNova Brisbane and Sydney, here we come!
This time ably assisted by none other than Peter Yong (I hope).

Other news- I might be at the CBCA "Evening With the Stars" in Brisbane March 24.
They asked, I said "yes and I'll do some drawing for you",
they said "errr...maybe I'll just check.." (or words to that effect)
So that could be a yes.
If it is a yes  I'll post a link.

On the definite side of things is me appearing at Black Cat books in Paddington to promote Little Mates.
Although , just looking one of the dates kind of clashes with SupaNova, so while the date is wobbly my appearance isn't (Unless I've been drinking/near miss with the car etc).

Also on the wobbly tentative  side of things are some workshops I might be running in June for kids.

Also wobbly, is I'm thinking of attending the Concept Workshop  Simon Scales was organising.
(Saving account seriously wobbly,therefore attending wobbly.)

Its a wobbly world it seems,
so I'll scrounge some of my hastily drawn wobbly doodles to  fill the white space.

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SCIBOTIC said...

Nice doodles. :)