Tuesday, February 1, 2011

News from the front

Those few who visit this blog would realize that I'm working on a series of kids books.
Well I had thoughts about trying to do one of those book launch thingy's at a local bookshop.
My wife went down to talk to them and found that the book rep had already been past with the books and that for reasons too numerous to list here- that they hated them and wouldn't stock them-(one of which being the covers being white/not impactful- which I agree with)
but instead suggested we do a book about surfing.

Needless to say they are now "on the list" as Paul Buckley would say.
And no....
....its not a shopping list

In the meantime I will try to restrict myself to higher thoughts in the hope that they will magically resonate across the world to someone somewhere who needs some monsters drawn.

1 comment:

FerdinandKreozot said...

Personally, I think the books (covers) look great.
No one should underestimate the power of white.
And if the world disagrees with me, it's its own fault.
I am right, they are wrong.
It is awesome to have something finished, and your characters look great, just like they should in the kids books.

Cheers to you and your skill again,

And awesome art since my last visit.