Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kancho! the game.

Brought to you in glorious 'napkin vision'.
Another (this time silly)idea from last christmas.
Kancho the game!
You are the brave student in a lone struggle against the forces of evil- disguised as teachers, using the ancient art of kancho.
Yes there might be some innocent victims along the way, but these are acceptable losses.
You sneak sly fox style upon your victim using desks etc for cover- then strike...and run for your life.
Teacher gives chase pac man style among the desks, and will tire and give up if you evade him.
(More often than not teacher is a monster from hell cunningly disguised.)
Successful assaults give acclaim from classmates-in turn they can provide help by arranging their desks in column or rows to block an avenging teachers path.
Most dangerous technique of all is the "index of black hole" attack (best used on demons-possibly with a kamehamehah style wind up)- the skilled kancho master creates a miniature black hole with the sudden explosive compression of his jabbing fingers upon the victims rear- consuming the victim in its brief fury- but this attack is one of last resort and the attacker must run furiously to escape the sucking black hole.

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