Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A few Images from those books

It would be nice to have the time to do things properly,
it would be nicer still to be paid the proper money to be able to spend the time to do things properly.
I suspect, like the inner health ads I did way back , being forced to do things quick and dirty will haunt me for years (as inner health does even now).
-Unfortunately theres no 'cooling off period' with these- where I can come back and review them and fix the mistakes/polish them- they just get done and I see all that needs fixing later(ie now).
Mainly the whole problem is the multiplier effect of the 24 pages per book- total time for roughs+line drawings+colouring.

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ENZYME said...

Good said, Lachlan.

I have feeling that 90% of the time, I am forced to produce works within very little time. Doing so, it's like making instant noodle compared to making real tasty noodle.

It's bad for mental of artists that like to produce good works. I always say it is NOT about the money if quality is what expected. Artists needs only certain time and environment. Of course money should be there just to provide cushion.