Friday, August 27, 2010

Son of the return of Life drawing

After another 3-4 week hiatus-finally a night of life drawing.
And here are 2 drawings from Thursday night-( there were just 2 10 minute ones yet to post of the ones I did).
Didn't really get to shading, but I did do my "change the characters to suit my whim" as I did them.
Each were 2 x20 minutes pose worths,- so kind of roughed them out in the first20 and went nuts in the second 20 .
(Also I didn't have a rubber so in breaks I had to borrow one briefly to clear a path to fix small things like her nose- that's the trouble you get if your drawing is small such that the space between each nostril is equal or less than the width of the pencil lead)).
Might have done his head too big in the sword one- but out of curiousity I overlaid one on the other while I was saving them down and the two versions of his chest are very close. Hopefully that means I got that bit right twice on separate bits of paper (as opposed exactly wrong twice).

*Just added a drawing from a previous night*

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