Monday, August 23, 2010

The awful truth

So I did a bit more on that yuki onna character, then I thought I ought to maybe have a look and actually see what Japanese people wore, seeing as I'd shot from the hip the whole time- and I found the image above,- to which I thought Brilliant! if it covers her hair then it would just be her face and lips you might see and dutifully gave my picture one. I tried a frostbitten horrific face version of yuki onna but went with the cowled one- which it turns out noone else at liked.
Like so many politicians I will say that I took an unpopular path of action- because it was right.
I will say that anyway I'm glad mine doesn't look like a generic Manga-a-like.
I 'm going to fix her face- either the eyes are too close together or I need to move her nose and mouth an chin up a tad.

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