Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pimp my Dinosaur Shirt Sport

Pimp my dinosaur shirt...

The top three images are for experimental t-shirts I've gotten printed.
Anyone want to buy a shirt?
Unfortunately the topmost one turned out bit small on the shirt. But I guess you'd say its classier that way.
Finally though an opportunity to use Illustrator- although I was using it to autotrace and doing the images in photoshop. I'm fiddling with a dotty sort of shading (instead of a screen) where I'm using the spacing on the brushstroke in photoshop to paint in dots- that way I can go to illustrator and create my solid inks. I think it will work well when I perfect it. The dinosaur 3 down turned out alright, and the head on variation backgrounds I just did quickly this morning-about half an hour- the dotty skin actually looks a bit komodo dragonish I could end up being good.
Now just to hit up the various museums and Winton dinosaur museum and Kronosaurus corner and see if they need decent shirts.
The fox of course is my avatar- and this a "simulated process" translation of it for printing-I want to get this printed next.

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