Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to Life

I dunno where the last month and a bit has gone. I know I've been sort of busy, doesn't seem much to show for it. I'll post some of the roughs for something I was working on call Red Dog.
I have just in the last 2 and a half weeks gone back to life drawing. I never did find a decent group where I am mostly - which is Kingscliff,...... which is a shame. Its odd because you half sort of expect the place to be awash with free spirited clothes optional people looking to be drawn, what with being so close to Byron Bay. Ah well.
The main reason to going back to ye old pencil is that I found using the Cintiq was making me mentally flabby drawing wise. Basically I was sort of compensating for the parallax error of the nib and screen by doing vague lines expecting to go back and fix them up. Whereas I'd prefer to draw a line nearly on the money first go.
Anyway like the swimming I've also started back on its a hard steep road. I was so atrophied holding my arm up to an easel was killing me.

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