Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Its a long story,

but I now have that newfangled internet thing, again, at last.
Some watercolour dabbling.
The koala and the girl is 'as is' - the 'guy with the heater', and the 'miss muffet booty call' have been touched up in photoshop. The idea was to get to a certain stage with the watercolour version and then scan them in, in case I mess up, but I started noodling once i scanned them.
They're a bit devoid of perspective, and I don't like that dog thing.
Can you tell I like that ultramarine blue?
I have a few pages of ideas I need to colour- (plus I have a whole bunch to colour- stockpiled from that aborted gallery thing).
I was trying in the pages of ideas to do a few more kids book style images- I want to do ones that aren't overworked or over rendered. So I'll and post them soon,- and also expect me to revisit some old drawings as coloured versions finally.
Plus that first book for EC publishing starts now.
So after so much limbo and frustration I can get going.


FerdinandKreozot said...

These look beautiful buddy.
True storybook illos at their best.
Perspective is overrated, particularly if it gets in a way of a beautiful drawing.
Cheers to your skill and all the best with the book and the rest,


Robert Mangano said...

Nice drawings Lachlan,
I like the lighting on the first one.

I also noticed with your previous post not even a lion can escape the coolification of spikes :)

lach said...

yes Rob,-
if an attentively rendered female bottom is insufficient then spikes as well can only make it more interesting.
Hope all is well for you Rob.