Friday, July 25, 2008


FerdinandKreozot said...

Nice colouring work on the fox, and sweet doodles too.
Keep it up buddy,


Mat Brady said...

Oh, I do like the fox one. Great story to it, easily understandable, and the water refractions is done perfectly (my favourite part).

Y'know, between Milenko's posts and yours I'm starting to piece together a rather large transition in your life that I completely missed hearing about. Give me an email sometime. Let me know what you're up to. :)



Simon Scales said...

Hey Lach - how are you mate!!! ohh...some kids book stuff - awesome! you still over at pandemic?? im in LA at the mo - drawing up a storm LOL

lach said...

crikey whiskers!
In LA- thats a long way from SA!
What are your doing there- is it a course? or have you scored a job there.
I say course because I've been following your posts on the blog.

btw- I prowl your blog quite often- just slack at commenting I'm afraid-
haven't even written stuff on my own blog for a bit.

No not at Pandemic anymore- looking to do book stuff and anything else I can do.