Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Recreational drawing sketchbook stylee

The moral here is fix things up before you polish em up.


LFW said...

Yes, it is a lesson I have still yet to learn.

but that top one is the bomb, that dude can't figure out that the demon girl is trying to pick him up, what and idiot he is, ha ha.

excellent work on the ones below as well, I wonder why no one comments here?!?! it is weird

your fan


Milenko said...

Hooley shit!
I do not check for a couple of weeks, and it's like a different blog altogether.
Man, all these blow me away.
Very rich in soul they are.
You rock.
The ones below are equally good.
Oh man.

Cheers to you and your pencil,



lach said...

thanks for your cheer,
much needed at this point.
yeah that first one is more like two drawings occupying the same page(which is what it is)- i sort of crammed her in .....

ah no one comments here cos noone knows its here-
although hopefully some site listings will pay off one day.

i'll post on the drawing board or something like that and see if that lures anyone to this exotic location.

its funny how the belief that your work will get better leads you to hope other work things(prospects) will improve. its not so funny when surrounded by people who don't share your belief.