Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The post with no name....

Things are a bit darker this week.
The guy with gun looks a bit like the guy sitting at the campfire in 'twas brillig- oh well.
Still he represents a 'big shot' waiting for his 'big shot' to happen- as for the monsters- well why not?
Which reminds me for a lost world there hasn't been any dinosaurs for a few months so i'll fix that soon.
I quite like the girly with the halberd thing,- its a bit unfinished mainly because I like it and it gets nerve wracking as i work on it incase i mess it up which i'm prone to do- after all it only takes a little slip on her nose or one eye and the whole thing is trashed.
The devil thing behind her is filling the space mainly- next round of drawings i'll actually'design' things like creatures and costumes and then draw them- instead of dressing up nudey people as i often do when just straight ahead drawing.
The monster below her is a sort of grab bag of lach cliches.
Below that is another harpy- the trouble with winged things is to get them in any sort of full stretch pose i need a big page. I liked the spines and the twisty neck. Hunter if hes out there will know spines and spikes are a necessity,


Simon Scales said...

Hey Lach

back into the blogging goodness
like the 1st and 3rd sketches - the top one is great

also noticed some more kid style illos - were they for a particular job???

lach said...

The kid style ones were for a state library online book thingy- where the kids put their own dialogue to the illustrations-.
Its sort of sod all money so it was more a love of it and 'the practice' thing.
I need to fix them up and finish them- the ones to date are a stopgap measure-
My consolation is the work they have there from previous yearsdoesn't have as much effort as i've put in .
basically the about the time they wanted them our son got sick(hospital sick).
Anyhow long story short is i need to redraw them ina portrait format and ink them/colour them.

Simon Scales said...

Cool - well i like all the kiddie illos - they will certianly look good when you refine them all.

Dont worry...i know all about the hospital thing - my little boy was in hospital over the last couple of days...its so draining as parents when that sort of shit happens - just messes so many things up

Dan said...

Hell yes, all of it.
Spikes rock and they make everything cool.
As for the rest of it, another round of sweetness.
I am really glad you got this blog thingy happening, it cheers me up a lot.

I like it all, and thanks for sharing,



FerdinandKreozot said...

something weird happened.
I am not dan.
I hope that my account is safe.