Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Here be monsters

Its late and I don't have time for the comic version of my vitriol. Why are all these people fighting monsters? Very similar monsters with big claw hands? Well you know when you feel like you're getting nowhere in your career? Like fighting a relentless horror? I rest my case.
As for the stiffly posed booby girly? Well thats a dabble of a sketch that got out of hand and finished in a state of depression. So while the nudie bit is kind of cheery(from a male point of view) but the periphery is woe. The astute might notice I relocated the origin of the snake dragon, this is to avoid it beign mistaken for the devil guys schlong. Tut Tut.
On the positive I started back at life drawing after a nearly 2 year hiatus, and toward the end of my second time back it sort of felt like I was remembering the flow/what I had to do.
Plus they have long poses so I don't have to panic,can get actual shading done(!), and can calmly get on with it.

I'm so glad I not currently involved in animation at 'day job' work, for today I saw how the status quo is maintained (ie fucked/animation is the lowest priority/nowhere near enough is good enough for programmer types),
and I'm sooooo glad its not my problem.
My problem is getting better and doing coloured work for my Illustrators Australia page.
And thats more than enough to keep me busy.
But that's the last you'll hear of my day job work,
because this blog isn't about it,
its about me,
or as pete might say "its the art stupid".

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LFW said...

ha ha ha!

her Nudity gives her power over the demons and monsters.

Now do a storyboard about her naked power.

excellent drawings, and good policy to not make your blog about "day job" definitely something to implement.

your fan