Tuesday, May 8, 2007


FerdinandKreozot said...

That's some cool idea.
I actually have another one:
I will design a character particularly for telling my story :) And make him/ her like a host of my blog.
Biljana's been bugging me for not drawing her ever, so I might make a character out of her...
Or not...
Hope you do not mind :)
I think you may have started a trend here :)



Ah yes, also, may God bless that cintique of yours, because I think it will bring much joy to my life :)

Cheers again

lach said...

absolutely- you and luke take it and run,
I might actually dig out the brush pen and up the quality level on future attempts myself.

Simon Scales said...

Hey Lach
love the bottom pic of the princess/queen lookin chick
did you do that in painter or photoshop - really like that style man - did you enjoy doin it that way - or still prefer the good ole pencil

LFW said...

You draw the best nekkid ladies lach, and the best Princesses/queens that are so powerful they do not need to wear pants.


I'm totally going to have to get in on this blog host thing


your pal


lach said...

luke,pants are totally overrated,
and its best not to do things by halves.
simon,- those are photoshop on a cintiq,- one day i'll be rich enough to afford one of my own. Holy crap which reminds me I have to link you up.

Mat Brady said...

Another comment of mine that has vanished into thin air. Luckily I remembered what I wrote...

Your black and white inky sketches are simply magic. Lovely stuff. They look completely digital. Are they? Keep up the great work.


lach said...

Thanks matt, yes they are digital.
BTW I saw that farm kids guy 'sold his ranch' to disney and is now i suppose rich. Hey good luck in NZ, maybe I'll catch you on satudray.