Monday, March 6, 2017

Gina (with the light brown hair)

Life drawing at sculptors.
The model was Gina (I think).
She'd be a good model if you were doing a bronze sculpture- very much that pert athletic young ideal you see in kind of art deco or art nouveau statues-and strong enough to hold still.

I was sort of sitting there trying to see the shadows on her bottom so I could do the shading-but its all so pert and the her skin so flawless the change of shades so superfine/subtle..... no easy shadows...
ends up looking like a cartoon.

then my mind kept switching to how the skin on my nose was destined for the opposite- to be chopped and operated on and not smooth at all......
Oh well its a week and a half since this life drawing and my nose is done.
Actually caught the flu straight after getting the operation on my nose
-which I can't recommend to anyone.

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