Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What's been going on

Well 2016 was horrible year and it didn't end well for me- my mother Elizabeth died, and I managed to injure my back- a bulging disc now pressing on the nerve. The disc injury is sort of healing slowly but  I still get weird pain and sensation in my leg, although that is an improvement because when I first did it I could barely walk or stand for a week.
And now in 2017 it looks like I need to get a cancer removed from my nose- which means they are going to rearrange my nose/face.
Which is a worry because the surgery on my ear didn't work, and I've got a big missing bit there because the skin graft failed.

On the work front I've been starting back on animation for the Eco game, some for an Inner Health ad, and trying to finsh the Over is out book.
My health troubles an mum's death really made getting onto the  Over is out book hard.
Once again the whole colour issue is my stumbling block- deciding on colours....
Anyway I tried doing some rough watercolours in my attempt to find colours......
Here are a few of those

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