Friday, June 10, 2016

Jugglers- and a sad discovery

Went to Jugglers life drawing and saw drawing style I recognised hung on the wall (a huge drawing)- it was by Gregg Greinke. Since I'd been back doing this life drawing in Brisbane I wondered if I'd bump into him again- (he'd sometimes run the QLD sculptors life drawing).
As I was looking at it someone commented that he had in fact died a year and a half ago from Melanoma.
I know I've been out of the loop in Brisbane for about 5 years but just the shock- you know you don't quite keep up with people but you still expect them to be kicking around somewhere.......
..but then sometimes they don't keep kicking around.
 Not sure if he did (above) this when he knew he was dying but to me I think of the Norns unravelling or cutting  the  threads of life.
The very first life drawing group I went to was run by Gregg - probably 1994? or earlier? In a little artspace in Elizabeth  Arcade where a Japanese takeaway "Kadoya" was- (it had a second storey outlook to Charlotte St).
I think he'd managed to convince or wrangle his girlfriend to model for one session- he did manage to source very good looking models.
So I am indebted to him for introducing me to this sort of drawing.
At least he went when his career and his work was finally taking off-
leave on a high note.

Anyway the model is the same one from the first week back to drawing a month I've improved.

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