Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Night Scribble

Saw Deadpool tonight.....was quite funny. (A bit over Stan Lee appearing around gratuitously in films)
Came home a started squiggling in autodesk Sketchbook .
Realised sketchbook puts a filter over the drawing while you are working on it so it looks sexier.(!?)
Artists vaseline if you will.......
Oh well still feels better to draw in than photoshop.
I think the DSLR camera we have died so I can't use it to noodle about in Dragonframe.- Spent a bit more time looking at it (dragonframe) last night- the track read and audio stuff.
Just seems need to try a test character lip synching of my own.....
The reference overlay video looks like a great way to rotoscope movement or drawings onto a real environment- ie sand, a collection of whatever to form a human outline for example...or chalk drawing using the video feed to guide you.....

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