Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Quickly added Christmas Cheer

I bought Dragonframe- a stop motion program.
Man it is so cool.
There's a lot of the stop motion craft I don't know-
especially camera stuff- but I can easily see that so much has been thought out in the program- a weird and novel  delight to see in software.
I think the beauty of stop motion is that even if it is "craptastic" - somehow watching it you forgive any technical deficiencies.
Anyway- makes me feel like a kid again....
which is nice.

Also bought Autodesk sketchbook- I only have photoshop CS5 but as a drawing program it sucks mightily- primarily because of the appalling jaggies/aliasing/stepping as it reads your pen stroke.
Hadn't occurred to me how singularly bad it is until I've recently tried:
Manga Studio
and none of them have the same problem/suck so much.

Actually sketchbook has piqued my interest in concept art again- and plain drawing - so again excited to give it a go with the new tools.

Did a very quick replacement dinosaur for the banner.
Added a hat for christmas.

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