Thursday, September 17, 2015

The cold cold ground and the space in between the spaces

So we bury my Dad  Selwyn Creagh tomorrow.

A picture for the cover of his order of service (to fold vertically in the middle).

Not perfect- but is life?

It sort of says what I wanted to say
I don't think Dad was religious but he believed in a beyond.
He said he was born dead- the first of twins and was set aside so they could deliver his brother and then he somehow revived/awoke.
Then later he had a death/tunnel/light/choice to return experience when in hospital  for deep vein thrombosis/embolism.

But where do we go?

The space between the spaces, he thought.

So the horse is death, in the guise of the heraldic Creagh horse with the branch in its bridle- taking him on the leap from the living to the beyond.
The  star is where his picture will be.

The boy doesn't look exactly like Dad- it is meant to be him in spirit-
as the child we all still are-
not as the suffering wreck he was reduced to.
I think when you see your parents as the kids they were you feel closer to them somehow.
Here is a little drawing of Dad as he was when I saw him in hospital-
an hour and a half after he died.
This is actually very close- although I drew it 5 days after and it just a little sketch..
Its sad hes gone but I'm so glad the suffering and degradation he had to endure are over for him