Sunday, March 8, 2015

On tumblr

Ok so I've taken the bait - and decided to get on the Social Media train and maybe sign up to instagram and Tumblr.
Well I've started on tumblr.
I'm hoping tumblr does a better job of video than blogger- blogger's conversion seemed abysmal when I tried it a while back. So maybe you'll even see me.
I wonder if buying pants to wear in videos  is a legitimate tax deduction ?
And plan to be a bit more social here- (of course there's nothing wrong with talking  to yourself- as long as you know who you're talking to.)
So plan to do a bit of redecorating here soon.
Also the plan is to fix the website or otherwise set something up so I can sell drawings and books etc- an online store bit.

Tumblr link is to the right and here

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