Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Sculpey Rod for my back

Or  "The man from Unco"

Decided to make a dragon out of sculpey- at son Oscars insistence.
Oh boy, ...
sculpey does not grip metal armature.
Using alfoil to bulk things out- sculpey grips this but too hard to control the volume you create when you scrunch it.
Sculpey does not grip or stick to baked sculpey- very annoying- had thought to pre make teeth and claws - might have to glue them on.

Made whole thing way way too big for oven!!!!- (will have to bend tail/cut section out of sculpey so it will bend and maybe just fit).
Did not put enough wire in arms/wings-to -be.

Its been such an effort trying to do the initial coverage of sculpey let alone refining it.
So still looks like its made out of pastry- actually a shame because I'd like a Heston style edible dragon- but sculpey is annoying how its so hard to moosh it so its workable- then its so soft its like modelling with pastry....oh well....we'll stick wings on it, cover it with spikes...and see.
Trouble is- I don't have much patience.

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