Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dinosaur Hunter progress.

Here are a couple of unused Dinosaur hunter roughs.
I need to finish the cover off for book 1 still.
I also need to finish Wombat- don't know where the week has gone- I think the trouble is its a bit of a cast of thousands on the latter pages, and also messing about with backgrounds.
I tried to finish the cover for Wombat but I'm a bit iffy about the background - I thought it should have similarity to the first book- ie white background/no blue sky- but then it needs to be different too otherwise why buy it?
Feel very behind in everything but trying to stay positive.
Fingers on my right hand are bubbling, fingers on left are peeling skin... :(
 this was supposed to be a Dinosaur Hunter post.
Apparently my dad saw something on Channel nine about the series.
Holy pressure.
A page of rough notes to self and some leopard print albertasauruses.
I wish I had a robot monkey that would colour them for me.

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