Sunday, October 21, 2012


Roughs  for Decay Magazine- well maybe....we'll see
It should be called Lach's world of roughs shouldn't it?
Whipped up this morning because I promised to do something for Decay too long ago.
I'll keep going on the one they pick. Need to design the evil creatures better- they're a bit generic.
The trouble with horror is -all of these made up phantoms are nothing compared to the evil things ordinary looking humans do, or in terms of slow creeping horror the situation we all find ourselves in with the sand running out.

I was wondering where to post them just now- as they're not quite small child friendly and I've got the launch coming up. So they maybe blink out for a while.
I did have other ideas but need to magically finish Ticklish Tom.
Also need to get onto some things for an undisclosed project.
Promises promises.

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