Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Leafy tree dragon

Another dragon disguised as a tree-( part inspired by the weedy sea dragon.).
Trouble with drawing in pen is when you mess up like with the dark haired kid drawing on the right- you can't expunge it- well I might do so with photoshop.

Also noticed that I no longer look like my picture- the last 3 years has made me old quickly. I've been trying to get back into swimming and thats helped- but I'll put up a truthful picture soon.
Or better yet go back to Tokyo and get another one done there.

And a quickly shaded sketch of a hillside village house for the Shadow King story.
Kind of imagined the stairs going up drawbridge style and the  front"deck" and awning folding down when theres trouble/at night. Thought maybe the shape and the stones might help in winter against avalanches.

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