Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Talkin' at the SLQ

Well I'm currently doing some  workshops at the State Library for kids.
I spent way too long thinking about it and typed up a bunch of notes and thoughts......
and had done pages and pages ofthumbnail notes and ideas in my sketchbook
which when I was there first day all sort of went out the window.
(Just like a war I guess. )      

I had thought of a scenario for people/kids to draw to- a sort of computer gamey idea .
As usual I love it and everyone else's eyes glaze over.
So I started a blog- initially I wanted   to take photos of the kids drawings and post them on the blog.
Which in the fog of war hasn't happened.
But in a bull headed sort of w ay I'd started filling the blog this week with notes and I'll add in the associated thumbnails.
And I'll add in the creature designs I do too (those Planet x ones will be relocated there.)
So there.

 Called Tartarus V after the planet in the game idea
(Here is a quick sketchbook idea for an arboreal creature from Tartarus V that drops or launches itself like a giant dart to impale  and kill passing creatures. It has little wings or blade like sections on its limbs that allow it to slow or adjust its descent helicopter style )   
A design WIP, still needs banners and all but if I post all my "how to rambling" there maybe the universe will be kind.

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