Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Lazy Loulou images- nearly

As in nearly done- at least as far as time allows-I'll try to clean/fix them a little before sending them.. The whole saga of my father's hospitalisation put everything off schedule-and Lazy Loulou is a 'casualty'- kinda went into my 'Wombat went a walking" time.
So I couldn't do nice linework the way I like to, and made an executive decision not to do full scales/patternings on the bluetongue.
(Yes I could have done a scale brush in photoshop, but that would have been at odds with the 'by hand' look of all the other books so far.)

Last week I visited Lucia and Vincenzo to look at their new book app which looks great and sounds great in a swag of languages. I said sign me up to that! So maybe there will be my writer illustrator debut on their Blue Quoll label. See the sidebar link

I 've had a bunch of good ideas lately and been writing them down in my sketchbook. Actually its more A4 sized, and more of an idea book than a sketchbook.
One is a twist or take on a game idea, others are ipad book related.
Here are a few scribbly pages- not containing any of the ideas I've just talked about , well because.
(I guess one recurring idea appears to be nude women- but that's  not what I meant by good ideas- good as it is.)

I'm considering changing my job title to 'dreamer' or 'dreamer who draws".
Its more apt, and you know every man and his dog is a 'concept artist' these days.
Oddly enough I had a meeting with the State library people last Thursday about doing some character design/monster drawing workshops . But  I had a bunch of ideas for those too thankfully.

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