Saturday, January 23, 2010

On my way.

Well after the crazed misspellings of the previous post, I'm back and it's not 2 am.
I'm currently spending a couple of days in Dillon, Colorado before heading to New York for the SCWBI winter conference. The plan is to snowboard a bit but also hopefully get some nice reference shots of wintery scenes/atmospherics- the sort of thing you don't get in sunny Kingscliff, and good for the sort of medieval fantasy etc that I sometimes turn out.
The trip over was slightly hellish, and I think the flight was cheap was because it was staffed by a very motley and misshapen bunch of air hostesses- however this was trumped by a wild haired gorgon on the domestic flight to Denver- talk about scary- it would be terrible if the plane crashed and that was the last thing you saw.
While waiting for the various flights my friend Cameron and I had a bunch of ideas for games,-so it wasn't all wasted time. I had planned to fill my sketchbook more but there really wasn't much time between flights- and not too much to draw in view. I've also done a bit of thinking about the remaining characters for the book series I'm working on-and I'm thinking I need to try and tie in the incidental characters in a given book that are actually main characters in a subsequent one.
Fortunately snowboarding was a bit like riding a bike,- I did remember how.
Amazing though how much dirt is on the roads/on the cars/exposed on the hills. I had no idea Denver airport was so huge- and it sort of looked like a moonbase with the terrain it was on.
I'm trying to pay attention to the details though and remember what I'm seeing.
We're staying currently at Cam's friend Dave's condo at the moment and he's inundated us with food and hospitality.
A bit tetchy about not working/drawing enough and looking forward to New York in a few days.
Might take a photo of my sketchbook and post it- its not brilliant but I was more taking down ideas for later.


Sarah Creagh said...

Hi Lach,
Sorry to hear your flight was so hellish - I guess that was why it was cheap. Hopefully you guys are having a great time and making up for it. I thought I'd send you a message to your blog in case you can't access my email address for a while. I'll try to call you late tonight or in the morning. I emailed you from mums place but I'm not sure if it sent as the server seemed to be down at the time. Take lots of photos as the boys are keen to know all about your trip and what you are doing. Jonathan was asking when you're coming home - so yes they are missing you.
Take care and talk soon.
Love Sarah

lach said...

Thats ok Sarah we got here alright-and importantly my bag did too. Poor jonathan- ah well I'm glad they haven't forgotten me. Cam took a bunch of photos on the snow.Might start a travel blog and post photos.


Alexandra said...


Whatever possessed you to want to be in Colorado adn NYC in WINTER? I was in NYC in February 2001 and it was the coldest I have ever been in my life; I mean walking down the street in Manhattan crying to myself cold!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time in the U.S. I've been living here almost eleven years now (in Memphis, TN where it is slightly warmer).

Alexandra Holmes Mobley