Friday, July 17, 2009

Son of Lost World

I'm going to do a nice dinosaur piccy with a background so I've started doing rough ideas.
I did a quick dino scribble and then started thinking and looking at suitable trees- so just a start toward learning their structure and rhythm.
Probably far too late to be of use( to Five Mile Press) but not too late in the grand scheme o things.

I took the kids to Brisbane's Roma st parklands last week and noticed they've got a pretty nifty cycad planting- so I might go back and grab a photo for plant reference. I think my mum has a small sad looking wollemi pine too.
Actually I recall not so long ago some Council or Govt person whining about how they lost money on the whole Wollemi propagation thing- like it wasn't a good idea and they'd done it just to appease fringe dwellers. Well this fringe dweller says eff you you worthless council specimen- I care you even if you don't-
a bit respect for living things and value of diversity is in order.

Maybe some of these things are waiting their turn again.
Apparently because all the fish are fished out the Jellyfish think its their turn again now.
S0 that's what?- turning it back a few hundred million years?
Then with global warming maybe it'll be the right climate for giant lizards
- Huzzah!


Robert Mangano said...

Cool dinosaurs as always Lachlan.
As you mentioned in your last post, I'm pretty sure grass hadn't evolved at that period in time yet :)

lach said...

Thanks rob.
what i was thinking of is sort of really tall club mosses but sort of dense the way bullrushes or sugarcane grows-witha sort of bushy head at the top where the growth is-
so its not meant to be grass as such just a lach modified club moss.