Sunday, May 3, 2009

Springbrook inspired

A few test images in my scribbly way, there are some very cool trees and rocks at springbrook- perfect homes for monsters.
So I'll try a few more orge/troll ideas- or gnarly faerie-house-in-a-tree ideas in a springbrook setting.


Art Fan Ako said...

Beautiful waterfall... ferocious looking monster. Really nice illustrations!

Angela Sunde. said...

Hi Lachlan,

I met you at the SCBWI meeting at my house last March. Cool website and yes I did have trouble with some uploads on internet explorer. I love your work and as I'm trying to master water colour, I found it really valuable looking at your pics.
As far as faeries in forests go you should take a look at a friend of mine's site - Aaron Pocock. Just google him. He lives in Logan.
I think you have stuff in common. Are you going to the CYA conference in Sept? I think you'd make a great presenter.
cheers Angela Sunde