Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gradually getting there

Well I've restarted a drawing/production phase of my own drawings in a semi lull of work. Each time I need to do a study phase to 'get my head right' for drawing- once I do that its all good.
Until I do a few days of that well...its a bit dodgy and painful. Still only one day in and I'm gradually waking up.... mind you from these 2 mermaids you can see it was a rocky start. the look of disgust on Merde_maida.jpeg was sort of my look of disgust.
I tried to rejig it(Merde_maidb.jpeg) but it still didn't work.
Thats what you get when you polish something fundamentally wrong.

The sprawling sketch shows signs of better things to come though.

The trouble with computers is that when you zoom in you can get carried away and forget how the bit you're doing relates to the rest(or doesn't) whereas drawing no paper the whole thing is there all the time. Yes.... I could have had another window on the document open but I forgot.....

As I noted on the lach progress blog I've been watching that Mathew Collings 'This is civilisation' and its great- makes you feel so much better about this art thing we do-
because still I get that look from people when I say what I do.

Although I guess illustration or concept design etc doesn't qualify as art ...
until I print it out crumple it up and pee on it.
Now that's art.


Yer_man_in_japan said...

I love the mermaids, (especially the bottom one) great stuff.

Pete Mullins said...

I loved Matthew Collings' 'This is Modern Art' from 10 years ago. Actually, he really opened my eyes to a lot of stuff I would have previously dismissed. I just love his mad, rambling dissertations. It's hard not to get caught up in his enthusiasm.

Once again, great pics. Even though I think you're being too hard on yourself, I do understand your frustration.
It's amazing how many writers HATE the process of writing. And I certainly know more than a few artists (myself included) who reach the depths of despair when creating a work.
I'm not so sure that it necessarily gets any better. I think we just find ways of limiting the collateral damage.

Yer_man_in_japan said...

I watched this is civilisation, thanks for the tip. It was very enjoyable. I visited some of places ,Athens and The Pergamon gallery that are shown in the greek art section. It was very thought provoking to consider the ages of art as a continuum. I had studied the various art styles but never saw them in that way. In relation to the crumpling and peeing on thing. I whole heartedly agree. Pollock is where I lost interest in "fine art". I think in the future It will be commercial art that is shown in the museums.
Its just a shame we worship Coca cola in this era.
And I stick with my previous comment, I like the mermaids, even if you are tough on yourself.

lach said...

Thanks Dave and Pete.

Its sort of an annoyance with my bookshelf brain- ie I learn something new and something else falls off the other end- it takes me a week or two to change modes. Also i find the computer makes me lazy with my lines.

Simon Scales said...

Hey Lach
some cool stuff around here lately
some of the kids stuff is starting to look nice!!

take care